What we do

Beamhole Interprize is half part record label, half part music production company.

Established March 16, 2013 by Lasse Nyborg & Jesper Westh whom both has been in the music business since the late 1990's. Specializing in sonic branding and releasing music with original artists primarily on vinyl.

The Label

Beamhole Interprize focus mainly on music in the urban music genres. Exceptions is quite possible. 

The artists on Beamhole Interprize is primarily released on an exclusive – vinyl only deal.

Our sublabel Jordløs Ukrudt is releasing music that is all ready out there, but lacks a physical vinyl release. 

Music production

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We specialize by composing music to reinforce your brands identity, helping you stand out from the others thus giving your product the sound it deserves.

We offer tailor-made solutions as well as the possibility to pick from our library of music.

Over the years we have helped branding nationwide radio stations, companies big and small, as well as licensing music to various projects such as commercials, documentaries tv & film.