eLeMeN is the electro endeavor by Lasse Magnus Nyborg. Being a decent drummer and bass player, it's been natural for him to transfer that to the world of electronic music.

His sound is characterized by a beat that is always banging, a beat that have balls so to speak!

"if it got a beat with balls - and you can bob your head to it, that’s where Im at"

Recording most of his music with acoustic instruments and hardware synthesizers, mostly using bass drums, snares and sub bass in the box, hence giving his sound a unique character, adding that special flavor which you just can’t re-create in soft synths or plugins.

There's no limits in the styles of electronic music eLeMeN want's to delve into.

"I don't want to restrict myself being creative, so at the moment my music spans from uptempo house, to slow wonky beats and in between that, there's a lot of heavy electro"