History, humans, literature, art and movies are the essential influence that drives Komakino making music.The sound field between the fragmented and instrumental, a musical invitation to his world of thought, striving to hit a visual dimension. 

"I am deeply inspired by the instrumental hip hop that I really went into in the late 90s. It was a time when I otherwise thoroughly was losing the love for traditional hip hop, which went in a diluted direction"

Komakino collaborates with a wide array of musicians on most of his compositions, but he is the maestro of the final outcome.

"I'm not so much into my technical ability, and I master no instruments. I push the buttons, flip samples and play synths, but uses blithely contributions of others to my music. Often it is the talent and craft, which I find in my talented peers which have an insight into my world "

Ukurant is Komakinos debut full legnth album compiled from his first three ep's - Doomsday Tuesdays, Choke & The Limits Of Control.

Komakino - Ukurant is officially out May the 27th 2016.

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Artwork by Martin Rude

The Understatement - Video by FAMU.